Woman Travels In Train With Her Pet Dog, Railways Minister Reacts

Last Updated: March 17, 2023, 19:26 IST

The video has so far amassed over 27 million views on Instagram. (Courtesy: Twitter)

The woman, who was travelling with her Labrador on a train, captioned her video: “Never thought train journey could be so relaxing.”

Pet parents and dogs share a special bond. When you bring a little furry friend home, they become a huge part of your life. Agreed? But one of the biggest problems pet parents face is inter-city or inter-state travel. Both airlines and Indian Railways have a separate compartments for pets, where they are locked in cages for safety. However, not many pet parents are comfortable locking up their furry friends. Addressing this problem, Indian Railways, among the many infrastructural changes announced recently, has now allowed passengers to carry their pets in their compartments.

Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has now re-tweeted a video of a woman comfortably travelling with her doggo. The video, originally shared by the Instagram page thepawfectzazu, features a woman sleeping on a berth. Moments later, the individual accompanying the woman wakes her up. She then removes her blanket to unveil a cute surprise. It was her Labrador, named Zorawar. The text on the video read: “I never thought that train journey could be so relaxing.” The clip has so far amassed over 27 million views on Instagram.

Watch the video here:

While re-tweeting the video, Ashwini Vaishnaw wrote: “Indian Railways at your service 24×7.”

Take a look:

Many Twitter users have reacted to the adorable video, terming it “the best thing ever” while others were not quite impressed with the “unhygienic” move.

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One of the users shared a woman’s Instagram upload which featured her toddler and 3 dogs that she adopted.

Giving away more information about travelling with pets in a train, a user wrote: “Pets are allowed only in AC-I if all 2 (coupe) or 4 (cabin) seats are yours so that no inconvenience is caused to other passengers. Also, vaccination and fitness certificates are checked prior to booking of pet.”

“But sir pets ko allow karna unhygienic hai. Mai ye bilkul pasand nahi karungi ki mera co pessenger koi dog ho (I would not like if my co-passenger is a dog),” another opined.

Some expressed in the comments section that while Indian Railways have improved facilities for pets, they are yet to bring better changes for passengers.

What are your thoughts about Indian Railways allowing passengers to keep their dogs at their seats?

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