Woman’s Big Reveal About Husband's Affair And Her Own

There are many forums on social media which act as a safe space for people who want to speak their hearts out and share their experiences without being judged. One of them is the Reddit community TrueOffMyChest, where users share unusual and weird issues that they face, usually revolving around relationships. A recent personal experience shared by a woman in the community has taken the Internet by storm because of the unique chain of events narrated by her. The woman revealed that she fell in love with the husband of a woman that her own husband was having an affair with.

It may sound like a revenge story, but the woman assured that it was not planned. Preferring to stay anonymous, the 36-year-old woman said that she has a 6-year-old daughter with her husband, who has been in an extra-marital affair with his colleague. She explains that divorce is not an option as of yet since she lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The woman then said that she came to know about her husband’s extra-marital affair after his girlfriend’s husband reached out to her. She preferred to refer to him as J in her post, not revealing his name either. The man forwarded her evidence of messages and hotel check-in dates to prove the affair. She was familiar with the other woman and recognized her husband’s messaging style.

I’ve fallen in love with the husband of the women my husband is cheating om me with from TrueOffMyChest

Both J and the woman were shattered by the news of their spouses cheating on them and decided to meet to discuss. They decided to wait for a while before confronting their spouses. However, the woman said that their shared pain made them bond well, and they started texting and even meeting often, soon talking about stuff other than their spouses. Their meet-ups soon turned into coffee and movie dates, only for the woman to realise that she had fallen for him.

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The Reddit user claimed that it was a mutual feeling as she wrote, “Two weeks ago we were having a picnic and he just blurted out ‘I think that I’m in love with you.”

The woman also shared that he was not sure if his emotions were real or just because they were sharing an awful experience together. He added that he was grateful for his wife’s extra-marital affair as it led him to her.

The woman has now asked Reddit users what she can do about it since she is afraid that these feelings may disappear once they’ve freed themselves from their hurtful spouses. Most users have, however, advised her to start a new life with J, calling the entire incident “poetic justice” and a chance for both of them to find new love.

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