Women Health Tips: 4 Yoga Asanas That Relieve Period Pain

Last Updated: February 08, 2023, 16:26 IST

Here, we are giving information about the 4 best yoga asanas which are considered very beneficial for women’s health.

Stress is common in today’s lifestyle. Unhealthy food habits, a bad lifestyle, working for long hours and sitting in one position could lead to body pain and stiffness.

Yoga is very beneficial for women’s health. Practising some necessary yoga asanas will help maintain your body’s fitness both physically and mentally. Not only that, performing some specific yoga exercises helps women get relief from the problem of period pain. Here, we are giving information about the 4 best yoga asanas which are considered very beneficial for women’s health.

Here are some tips by Yoga Expert Savita Yadav:

Begin yoga with prayer

Sit on the mat in Padmasan, Ardha Padmasan or Sukhasana and stretch your whole body upwards by interlocking both hands. Count till 10, now lie down your hands and relax. Now take a deep breath and meditate. You can also recite some mantras. After this, do some warmup exercises. To practice these yoga asanas, have a look at the video:


Practising this asana is very beneficial to reduce pain or body stiffness in the waist, back or spine. To perform this, sit in the Vajrasana position with your knees bent. Now, keep the elbows close to the knees and palms in front of the mat. Now, moving one hand forward, bring your weight on one knee and hand and lift the whole body. Now, lift the head and exhale deeply by stretching the back and waist inwards. Then, lift your back and stretch the body by lowering the neck and taking a deep breath. Do these steps 10 times.

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To get relief from back pain, lie down on the mat with your back. Now, open your hands, straight on both sides. Take a deep breath and while exhaling, keep both knees on the ground on the left side and your neck should be in the other direction. Hold this position counting to 10. Then inhale again and move your knees in the other direction and repeat the steps.


Lie down on the back and bend the knees, bringing them near the hips. Now keep both palms close to the shoulders and lift the whole body like a circle. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Pay attention to your deep breaths. Women can practice this asana regularly. But those who are suffering from high blood pressure or have undergone surgeries, should not do this exercise.


Lie on your back on the mat and bend your knees. Now, take a deep breath and lift your whole body slowly. Hold for a few minutes and then lie down again. Doing this yoga asana gets you relief from body pain by stretching the back, waist and shoulders.

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